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Making Panettone

Since we have returned from Normandy it has been a hive of activity here and I have realised that we are not as prepared for Christmas as we should be.

Thanks to the internet I have managed to order some gifts for French Boyfriend in between trying out some Christmas recipes.

Everytime that we purchase panettone, Italy's version of the traditional English Christmas fruit cake. I am not a huge fan of panettone as the majority of the ones you find here in SW France, are processed and store-bought.

After traweling the internet, I learnt that panettone is best eaten the week that it is made hence the products that we have been buying in the shops are older than this and probably full of preservatives. Note the word preservative makes me giggle as this means condom in French.

I decided that I would have a go at making some for our Christmas guests and found this recipe for mini panettone.

French Boyfriend loved the result and I am already planning on making some more this weekend.

For those …

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