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Mousse aux Framboises

I adore raspberries and they remind me of the wonderful and magical garden my grandparents used to own in the South Island of New Zealand.
They had every fruit imaginable growing in their garden and the South Island has the perfect climate for berry fruit.
Today's recipe is a simple but very yummy and refreshing dessert. Refreshing is exactly what we need as we had a high of 38 degrees yesterday and it will hit close to 40 today.
Mousee aux Framboises
For 4 people Refrigerate for a minimum of 5 hours
Ingredients 550 grams Raspberries 5-6 tablespoons sugar 250 ml whipping cream 1 large egg white Fresh mint leaves
Method 1. Puree half of the raspberries. Mix in 4 tablespoons of sugar and put to one side.
2.Whip the cream.
3. Whip the egg white with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Folden in the raspberry puree and the whipped cream.
4. Half fill 4 glasses with the moussemixture. Then place some of the whole raspberries on top of the mousse. Keep 4 raspberries for decoration. Cover with more of the mousse mi…

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