Nearly Halloween


Yesterday was a wet and wild day and not the best day for shopping.

I was excited at the prospect as I dressed for my day out as it was almost as if life was normal again.

Reality set in as we arrived at our first point of call, where there were lines of people waiting outside the shop due to a maximum of 3 people being allowed in the store, at a time.

Fortunately when we arrived at the next destination, our organic supermarket, we were happy to see the carpark with only a few cars so in we rushed to do some serious shopping with smiles on our faces, masks and hands washed with gel.

This display at the check out put a smile on our faces, Halloween is only a few days away and although there will trick or treating is not allowed, the French will be visited their family graves and they will be decorating these with chrysanthemums as per any other year.

A bit of normality in a surreal year thast is spooky to say the least...

Stay safe, Leeann x 


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