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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

latest finds...

Bonjour from a very sunny SW France,

As promised here are some photos of a few of the items that we bought at the weekend.

First up was a bag containing some lovely religious curiosities including this lovely antique "carnivet" which contains a religious expression on the back of it.

Love the paper lace detail, it really is a stunning object and I think would look great framed.

Front side


Another purchase, was this fabulous book, which dates back to the 1880's and contains engravings of funiture designs relating to that period.

The engravings are stunning and I think that they would look greated framed and then grouped in sets of 4 or 6.

So many fabulous designs and far too fabulous to rest hidden away in a book....

There is also a wedding certificate which dates back to 1633 and is for someone of high birth or rank; someone  noblesse.

There is a jewellery box and a couple of brooches...

And last of all, a rather practical object, an antique French chopping board.....

Well I think that is pretty much all the tresaures apart from the extra large chandelier and wall lights which we have yet to photograph...

trés bonne journée à tous, Leeann