Toile de jouy direct from Provence

I am not sure why but I did not think about how much 29 metres of toile de jouy would weigh or how much room it would take up.  

The order was placed with a contact in Provence, who later in the day advised that it was heavier than anticipated and that we would have to rethink transport options.

I thought that it was a lot of fuss about nothing until we went to collect the parcels, which to my surprise were huge and heavy.

My plan is to recover an antique screen with some of this fabulous fabric, recover a chair and perhaps make some lampshades.
Being heavy it is perfect for making curtains and upholstery and the quality is amazing, another reason why it is so important to support our French manufacturers and buy products "Made in France'. 

The rest will be avaible to purchase in our etsy shop and we have 16 metres in stock.

Along with the design you see above, there is another design available in a stunning aubergine colour, the design is smaller and referred to as the mini history of water and we have 11 metres available. 

The reason that it is so heavy is because it is 280 cms wide.

We are happy to sell both designs in either 140 cms or 280 cm widths just send us a message before placing an order.

Bon Lundi à toutes et tous ! ♥♥ Leeann x 


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