Fabulous and very French - Bed Crowns


Bed crowns or as they are called in French, ciel de lit  which troughly ranslates to sky of bed, are a wonderful way of adding a french touch to your bedroom.

This is one of my favourite photos, it really does make this day bed look so wonderfully safe and cosy.

I have a folder on pinterest where you can see some wonderful examples of bed crowns.

If you feel like making a bed crown for your bed, we have just listed a couple of large curtain tie backs like the ones you see in the photo above, in our etsy boutique. You can find them here.

I even have an antique bed crown hidden away in our attic, I may just think about adding it to our boutique but think it is heavy so it will probably cost a foutune to ship.

Speaking of the attic, I have found a fabulous monogrammed sheet which I forgot I had purchased so this will go on the shop later and it is one of a matching pair.

I am off now as I have to go and pick up some vintage chocolate molds.

A demain, Leeann x  

All photos are from here.


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