Some new tresors...


I hope you had a lovely weekend. As predicted ours was a very hot one and the heat wave is going to stay with us until Wednesday.

A lot of sellers chose not to attend the antiques market yesterday as a result of the heatwave so there was a lack of stock to admire and/or purchase.

I could not resist this fabulous vintage portrait of Marie Antoinette along with a few other items including a 3 metres of toile de jouy fabric which is very wide. 

Other items include antique trumpet flags from a local chateau, a vintage whisky measure, some chic vintage cocktail napkins,a late  1800's religious print, silver plated serving tongs and a few other bits and pieces.

These dainty and very fine napkins would be perfect for a tea party or a cocktail soiree.There are 12 of them and they come in a vintage chocolate box so they are perfect for giving as a gift.....

A pair of stunning and very chic silver plated serving tongs with elaborate designs on them ....

French boyfriend has a trumpet but all he has to do is find it.

In the meantime I have listed the flags incase someone already has a trumpet or just wants a flag on it's own....

i love the wings on these angels,it is such a stunning print and they really did things in sdtyle in the late 1800's.

I am going to have to love you and leave you as I have to start adding the new stock to our online shop.

Stay safe ♥♥ Leeann x


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