A fabulous idea....

On Sunday at one of the antique markets we visited I spotted a table overflowing with lovely bouquets of hydrangeas.  The seller told me that they were selling like hot cakes.

How could anyone resist a freshly picked bunch of lovely hydrangeas? Note their name is French sounds so much prettier, Hortensia.....

When French Boyfriend saw my prized purchase he commented that we could have picked some from his Aunt's garden.  Not quite the same as buying them from a lovely lady from Mauritius who has been living in France for 35 years and has friends living in Australia.

This is one of the things I adore and hope I never take forgranted when we are out and about searching for tresors. I love the exchanges between buyers and sellers and how every item has a story even a simple bunch of flowers.

Stay safe ♥♥ Leeann x 


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