Paris Souvenir♥♥

We all  need something to make us smile and this antique photo taken on a trip to Paris in 1913, makes me smile.

The Monsieur looks like he is in his element where as Madame is not so sure. You have to remember that in the 1900's having one's photo was a long and also a special  experience, quite a contrast to today when we just snap a selfie and if we do not like the result, we hit delete and take another....

This is a formal type of photo, no doubt taken in a studio in Paris after a visit to the Eiffel Tower as a souvenir for this lovely couple to take home with them and hang on the wall.

If only it could talk, what a story it would tell. A rare and delightful object for lovers of Paris and the history of photography. You can find it here in our etsy shop.

à la prochaine, Leeann x 


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