Queen for a day

As you know I love monogrammed linen and it certainly adds a bit of French chic to any setting.

Throw in a crown and you have something that royal and very special.

So if any of you have an initial L or a special someone in your life who's name commences with an L, this may appeal to you.

It is a gorgeous damase linen hand towel that would have been used by a royal lady and is indeed a piece of French history.

Crowns were used by Royal and titled families together with their initial to mark their poersonal property and household items.

It is rare to find a single initial as this signifies that the original owner of this fabulous  piuece of French history was single and normally they waited to find a suitable suitor before adding the second initial.

You can see some examples of French crowns in the image that appears below.

You can find more details about this stunning piece of French linen here.

Au revoir from a sunny SW France, Leeann x


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