French Food Friday - Raspberry Banana Sorbet

It has been very warm here and we have 30 degrees forecast for today. As you know we have been giving FB's family a hand to clear his Aunt's house and we found a vintage sorbetiere in one of her kitchen cupboards.

I used to own an ice-cream maker but the novelty of making ice-cream was short lived and I gave the ice-cream maker away.

There is only so much ice-cream a girl can eat and although I ate a lot as a child, I tend to associate it with holidays by the sea or as a treat on a hot day.

Since it has been unseasonably warm this past week I decided to give the sorbetiere a try but I did not realise that it was a vintage machine and you needed to leave it in the freezer and plug it in to the electricity at the same timer.

At lunchtime French Boyfriend arrives and the first thing he says is that he does not think it is good for the freezer as the joint is not closed properly whilst I have the cable of my prized new toy plugged in and whirring away, hopefully making sorbet.

Hence to keep the peace I stopped the machine and hoped for the best and decided that I may buy a sorbetiere if my first attempt turns out okay.

Here is the recipe that I used.

Raspberry Banana Sorbet

4 cups raspberries, frozen or fresh
4 Tbsp. honey (use maple syrup for vegan)
2 Tbsp. Sugar up to 4 Tbsp.
2 very ripe bananas I use frozen
1/2 cup cashew milk
1 pinch Salt

Mix all ingredients in blender container and blend until smooth. Start with 2 tablespoons of sugar and taste. Sugar will depend on how sweet/ ripe the berries are.
Place in frozen ice cream maker bowl. Churn for 15 to 20 minutes, according to ice cream maker manufacturer’s instruction.
Freeze at least 2-4 hours until well frozen.

Bon appetit, Leeann x


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