Bonjour avril

Bomjour from a sunny SW France,

How are you? I hope you are well and taking care of yourselves. 

We are commencing our third week of lock down and it looks like we are in for another week of sunshine.

French boyfriend is either going to be very fit or very fat when we the lock down is over. It seems like I spend most of my day in the kitchen and we spend a lot of time talking about food. 

This said, eating is a religion in France and I am rising to the challenge and making good use of our rations.

After lunch, we walk for our authorised hour and although we do not have a garden, we have lovely countryside a few minutes walk away.

Then it is time to roll out the yoga mats, hence my comment FB will be either fitter of fatter.

After yoga, I normally do some work around the house and start thinking about dinner. It is amazing what you can cook with limited ingredients and I am happy to be emptying the kitchen cupboards at the same time. 

I now understand why FB has kept buying me all of those cooking books, he knew they would be put to good use if he waited long enough.

Stay safe and happy cooking, cleaning, reading, learning, exercising or what ever you are doing to pass the time,

Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,
    Yes, cooking is a great thing and our pantry might reach the point of being empty-shelved when this is over... Great for having some stock!
    There is a lot to do, writing and also keeping up with other household chores of cleaning, laundry etc. Trying to keep a neat place for many reasons.


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