Harvest time in SW France

It is as though  someone pushes a magic button and things return to normal after the very busy and hot summer season.

It is cooler in the mornings and the days are getting shorter. That said we still have lots of sunshine forecast until the end of the month and it is going to be warm by day and cooler at night.

The experts are saying that it is going to be a good year for the wine producers and the vendange has commenced.

When you drive along the country lanes you are almost overwhelmed by the smell of ripened grapes and plums waiting to be turned into something fabulous and very yummy.

That said, I will be happy if I do not see another plum as I have spent the last couple of weeks making jam and I have just finished making some fig jam. French Boyfriend was not impressed when I poured half a bottle of his best cognac into my jam mixture but agrees that the end product was worth it.

Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, here's wishing you a semaine fabuleuse, Leeann x


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