French Doors

There is something about French Front doors that makes them that extra bit appealing and they seem to demand that you take their photo.

Loved the fact that this one really is shabby chic and the monogramme is a great touch.

This next door is fabulously French and I would love a door knocker just like this one...

Even French Boyfriend said that he has never seen one like this and that is saying something as he is after all, an antiques dealer with many years in the business.

Both the front door hardware and the colour are perfect and I really do have front door envy...

amicalement from a very hot SW France, Leeann x


  1. Beautiful examples of these ancient doors! Sending a big Texas hug.

  2. I've found your Blog by searching Blogs with french themes. I like all your photos so much and all the little stories about the most wonderful country I know. I wish I could live in France, too...
    I'm sure I'll visit your Blog from time to time.
    By the way: these shabby chic style doors are fantastic! This is one of a lot of individual styles in south France - j'adore!
    I hope my english isn't full of mistakes.
    Kind regards from Germany


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