Chrysanthemum Fever

It is that time of the year when no matter where you look in France, you see Chrysanthemums. Featured on the French news last night was a seller who produces  25 000 plants a year and 70% of them are sold for Toussaint (All Saint's day). Apparently, the most popular colour is yellow followed by purple.

Once I ordered some fabulous purple velvet stockings for Christmas and French Boyfriend remarked that they would not sell well in the shop as purple is the colour associated with the dead in France.

French Boyfriend asked me which colour he should choose to put on his family's tomb, I suggested the purple chrysanthemums that you see on the left of the photo, he said that he liked the purple but finally picked the bright yellow one that you can see beneath the purple one. Hence it came as no surprise last night when the local news channel reported that yellow was the colour preferred by the French when purchasing chrysanthemums.

Note as the chrysanthemum is associated with death, it is not a good idea to give one as a gift in France.
Wishing you all a semaine fabuleuse, Leeann x


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