love this colour

We are getting ready to start another project which will involve some more painting. 

On Sunday we visited a local antiques market and passed the house that you see in the photo above.

I said to French Boyfriend wow what a fabulous colour the owners of this house have used to paint their shutters. It is not as purple as it looks in the photo but we are not sure what it's official name is but need to check if it is a colour approved by the Baitements de France.

For once, I am looking forward to doing some painting....

au revoir from a very sunny and warm SW France, Leeann x


  1. This is a fabulous colour, especially against the colour of the walls. Bonne chance with your painting. xxx

  2. Hi Leeann, love that colour too. Can you let me know if you find out what it's called as my shutters also need a repaint and that blue would look fabulous. Bon week-end


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