Sunday Brocante

Bonjour mes belles,

I cannot believe that it is the last day of July already and I am looking forward to starting a fabulous new month tomorrow.

The brocante was  not as good as previous years but I purchased a couple of items for my shop which I will try and photograph later today.

The problem with the brocantes as it depends on a lot of factors: weather, if there are other brocantes taking place on the same day  and if the dealers have found some stock to sell.

It is a bit like lotto and sometimes you find the most fabulous items in the unlikeliest places..... 

The brocante was held in the park at the back of the village and the ambiance as not as nice as the park of the chateau or the park down by the river. I think that the location is important as if the site is not that attractive, it does not add a lot of value to the items on offer.

French boyfriend and I once had a stand in a park in the fabulous village of Brantome and we were given a great spot opposite a fabulous statue. It was the first time that I had ever spent a day at an antiques fair selling things and it was far more tiring that I thought that it would be.

Yesterday this stand selling linen and hats caught my eye, it really was a lovely stand.

I had better fly as work is calling, belle semaine à tous......

Leeann x


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