cleaning with vinegar

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Bonjour from a very hot SW France,

According to the local news there are two régions experiencing a heat wave; Paris and SW France.
I am just happy that we are stocked up with water and icecream and I even managed to buy another of  the turbo fans before they all sold out - amazon premium I love you!

This week I am working on chores that should have got done before we got busy with guests. 

One of those chores is to paint our bedroom which has last painted around 8 years ago.
I love white walls , infact I love white....crisp white sheets, white towels, white monogrammed linen and on the list goes.

Before I got the painting underway  I had a quick search on the internet and found this fabulous blog post which suggests using vinegar, baking soda  and water to clean walls before painting.

I use vinegartro clean the electric jugs in the house and I have used it with newspaper to clean windows but I never thought about using it to clean paint brushes or the refridgerator.

I think that I maybe using it more often after finding this fabulous post.

Have a fabulous week, Leeann x


  1. Now I am going to check out what a turbo fan is, as I will be buying a fan soon.

  2. My husband taught me the baking soda and vinegar trick when we were first married .. he was a much better housekeeper than I :)


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