A load of lovely linen

Last week-end we met the owner of a local chateau, he mentioned that he was having a bit of a clear out and would we be interested in going around to have a look. 

I managed to buy a few goodies and I am hoping to start listing them later today.

There are a number of stunning sets of monogrammed napkins which have all been washed and ironed by "yours truly". 
I am going off to start photographing them now....

à plus tard, Leeann x


  1. Hi Leeann,

    The linen monogrammed napkins are lovely. How neat it must be to go and see what the chateau has to offer.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. This must have been heaven - to be invited by un chatelain to his chateau to peruse items which are being offloaded....I can only imagine your excitement and the quality of the items after seeing the stunning monogrammed napkins that you purchased. Amicalement, Elizabeth


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