Perfect Picnic Weather...

Bonjour from a very sunny SW France,

Yesterday was like a summers day albeit a chilly start but it quickly warmed up to 24 degrees. 
Perfect weather for a picnic so out came the picnic hamper, the table and chairs were given a quick clean and off we set.  

I cannot think of a nicer way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately we could not spend the whole Sunday afternoon lazing about as French Boyfriend had to return to the village to vote.

Today I am doing a bit of  Spring cleaning and after I have had enough cleaning, I will take a few photos of  a couple of new items that  I found for the shop.

très bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x


  1. Snap. Our weather in Melbourne yesterday mirrored yours. However, today with the low temperatures and incessant rain, it's reminding us that we are heading for winter - when we'll fly the coup for notre maison secondaire in sunny France.

  2. That looks lovely! Is that your yard?

    1. I wish:-) We live in a townhouse which unfortunately has no outdoor space. Our dream is to buy a house with a garden in a sleepy French village close to the sea.....amicalement, Leeann x

    2. I know the feeling. We live in a tiny attic apartment with no outdoor space and no bedroom. We might be moving to a basement apartment with a bedroom soon, though, so one step at a time!


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