a bit chilly...

It is still chilly here with temperatures lower than normal across the whole of France but the good news is that it is going to start warming up from tomorrow. The water in the fountain is frozen and looking at it, makes me feel cold. I am just about to light some candles and snuggle up with a fur thow...love the concept of hygge and feel it was made for me.

à très bientot, Leeann x


  1. Hello

    I found your blog very beautiful! beautiful places!

    I'm following you!

    I'm Priscilla, I live in Brazil ...

    Donna Pri

  2. We are going to have a cold weekend so I will be doing the same that you are, snuggling on the sofa with a warm blanket.

  3. So beautiful! Well, it´s still cold outside but today some sunshine and it´s lovely for the soul :)
    Warm hug from Titti


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