La Dolce Vita...

Bonjour from a very warm SW France,

As you already know our village is twined with a village in Italy, hence the reason that we have this fabulous mural painted on the side of our local Italian restaurant.

Saturday saw the start of a Italian village, which is taking place in the park of the old chateau.

It is possible to buy a variety of Italian items; wine, olive oil, vinegar, Panettone, cheese, sausage, cafe and such like.

What really added to the ambiance at the weekend, were the venetian performers walking around the village. Their costumes were fabulous and they really had a calmness and serenity about them.

French boyfriend was in his element as you can see from this photo. His family are originally from Venice and he has spent a lot of time there. It is also a favorite place of mine and I am hoping to visit again in the not too distant future....fingers crossed!

A fabulous experience and here's hoping this becomes a regular event in Eymet.

bon lundi et un bon début de semaine! Leeann x


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