glamping...oui ou non?

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I smiled when I saw this photo this morning in Figaro as last week I gave French Boyfriend a rug like this to sell in his shop. I purchased it whilst living in Dubai and used it on our roof terrace for moroccan style dinner parties. Dubai is a shoppers paradise, especially when it comes to "arabian nights" style decorating.

That said France is fabulous for French items so each country has it's own pluses and minuses when it come to furnishing a home.

This photo is part of a feature on glamping, something that I have yet to try. Glamping appears to be all the rage at present and I think that people are looking to try something different and camping has been popular with those looking to embrace the outdoors.

I tried camping in NZ once and found the tent hot and the blow up mattress not very comfortable but since then it is possible to have all kinds of versions of tents in all sizes and often come complete with "proper" beds.

So it is over to you, have you tried it and did you like it?

très bonne semaine à toute et tous, Leeann x


  1. Glamping - a great big YES! And you are right it is all the rage, from NZ to the UK, everyone wants to go glamping. I have friends who work in London and their idea of perfection is an escape for a weekend glamping, no internet but a big step up from a tent in a field. I wonder if it will catch on in France and if it will be another word that will enter into the French dictionary along with parking, shopping, weekend etc.

    1. I always smile when the French use the word "shopping" and another is "bye-bye".

      The French are known for their love of camping so I am sure that they will embrace glamping :-)

      à lundi peut-être, Leeann x

  2. Such a beautiful setting. We have a wee vintage travel trailer that we glamp in. We named her The Pearl. We take her to the coast for seaside getaways. Truly it is better than a hotel. I love glamping. xx

    1. I love vintage and we both love the sea. The name that you have chosen for your trailer is fab!
      The song "I do love to be beside the seaside" springs to mind...
      à très bientôt, Leeann x

  3. we have a rather large travel trailer, a 5th wheel as they are known here. We are about to set out for 2-3 months of 'glamping', minus some of the fancy parts. I do pack wine glasses and we don't have to sleep on an air mattress on the ground(have done plenty of that tho). We can go where we wish to, and home is always only a few steps away.

    1. It sounds fabulous Valerie and a great way to see the world. Much nicer than being stuck in one place and I love the idea that you can go where you want to go.
      Smiled at the "wine glasses" part as our picnic hamper contains real glasses and plates and a linen table cloth. The French take their picnics very seriously :-)
      Happy travelling, Leeann x


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