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Bonjour from a sunny Auckland,

The weather here is fabulous and French Boyfriend is loving the style of houses here.

In our village all of the house walls are made from stone and are quite a contrast to the Victorian wooden houses that you see in Auckland.

Yesterday we spent the day in the charming village of Devonport which has been carefully preserved hence it retains the charm of yester year.

When I was in my 20's I restored an old villa in central Auckland.  It was a fabulous experience and a lot of fun at the time. They are so charming and practical at the same time as the verandas are a great place to rest on a hot summer's day...

This is a short post as we have a lot on today so it is au revoir from me for now. Leeann x


  1. I love those homes, that style. In my area there are a few of them too, Dutch Colonial and "gingerbread" houses :)
    Have fun !

    1. I love them too and coming back has made me appreciate them. When I renovated my villa I was so busy renovating it, I never really had the time to appreciate it as once the restoration was finished we sold it. Perhaps I just needed 20 years living abroad to realise how lovely NZ is.

      BFN, Leeann x

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