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Bonjour mes belles,

On our recent holiday to New Zealand, we were happy to see that a lot of the souvenirs on offer, were made in New Zealand and there were many unusual items made by local artists.

Last night there was a programme on French television about Paris and the souvenirs on offer.

Many of the shops stock souvenirs that are made in China and one owner admitted that he did not have any items in his shop that were made in France.

Also featured on the programme, were a couple of fabulous shops that I thought that I would share with you, should you ever be in Paris and looking for some souvenirs to take home with you.

One is Paris Rendez Vous, which  is a beautiful and airy shop located on the ground floor of the City Hall of Paris.

This  shop sells official souvenirs of the city of Paris. There are  more than 200 products which feature a Paris image and all are poroudly made in France.

The other shop is called Passion France.

These are gift shops which highlight France and its fabulous traditions. All products sold are made in France and you will find a variety of unique and well made items that represent France and the french way of life. 

There are four shops in Paris : two in the Galeries Lafayette department stores (Haussmann and Montparnasse) ; another in 1st arrondissement near the Louvre, rue de l’Echelle, and the last one in 17th arrondissement, between the Arc de Triomphe and Porte Maillot, on the avenue de la Grande armée.

The snow globes make for a fabulous gift to take home and the snow lasts for a lot longer than in the snow globes that are made in China. The reason being that the owner spent a very long time searching for a method that would enable the snow to gently fall as opposed to simply fall to the ground in record time...

They also sell t-shirts, aprons, candles, berets and lots of other fabulous items. You can find their website here.

I am off to do some work. Enjoy the short week, Leeann x


  1. Thank you for the links Leeann! I would love to hear more about your trip to New Zealand!

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