Haute icecream...

photo from here

Rebonjour from sunny Auckland,

Everywhere we look we see icecream. One company that is making a splash here is called giapo and they are known for not only their delicious flavours nut also the way in which they present their icecream is they are a work of art. You can see some photos here.

The one in the photo above is coconut icecream with Otago cherries and it was made for me.

So many flavours and time is ticking as we return to France next week. Maybe they need to open a shop in Bordeaux, may just have to drop them a line.

très bon fin de semaine à tous, Leeann x


  1. I remember only wanting chocolate fudge and nuts on my chocolate ice cream.
    Now I am more of a hot fudge or just a perfect scoop of a fabulous flavor lover.
    the ice cream in Buenos Aires is fabulous. it all tastes exactly like the flavor it is supposed to be ... chocolate is dense and dark and even vanilla is well flavored.


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