a few hours later...

Bonjour from a very sunny SW France,

What a fabulous weekend it was as our house was full of lovely Irish guests and I am already missing their lovely accent.

The Irish love their rugby almost as much as us kiwis and they told me hat they even managed to beat the All Blacks, must have been when the All Blacks were having an off day...

Whilst the guests were attending  the wedding in the Eymet church on Saturday, I managed to get "my girl" finished and she is looking right at home in Maison No.26.

The church looked fabulous and there was  a quartet playing the most beautiful Celtic music when I sneaked in to take a quick photo before the guests started to arrive....

I must admit I felt a bit like Cinderella as everyone left looking fabulous and I had to stay and work. Speaking of work, I had better do some. 

Wishing you all une semaine fabuleuse, Leeann x


  1. How stunning Leeann! A true transformation!
    It sounds like your guests were lovely.
    The Arts by Karena


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