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photo from here the bathroom in the new project that we are about to commence shortly.
We spent the whole of Saturday looking at a variety of floor tiles, shower trays etc. along with what seemed like half of France.
French Boyfriend and I joined the queue and waited paitiently for the next available assistant in the bathroom shop.
Finally our turn arrived and we were informed that our choice was not available due to the fact that the Italian factory that made the tiles had burnt down. Decided that it was not very polite to ask why they were still on display and asked if he had anything similar.
After looking at a few samples we decided on some imitation stone tiles and we placed the order and paid the deposit and advised that we would call Monday if we required additional.
Saturday night I happened to glance at the order and to my horror saw the word BEIGE.
Started to panic and had visions of a truck load of BEIGE tiles arriving outside my front door. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against BEIGE but it goes not feature in the colour scheme for our new project.
 As soon as the shop opened this morning we placed a call to the salesman who amended the order and I can now rest easy. I wish that was true but now have to place the order for the shower tray, bathroom lighting, heated towel rail etc. so suspect that this obsession maybe around for a while.
Back to the bathroom catalogues I go.....
très bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x
 p.s. I have the bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge just in case the process starts to get overwhelming and I need something to calm me down!


  1. One essential item that sets off any luxurious bathroom is a classical chair and that item is so often ignored!


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