Bienvenue Autumn...

Salut mes belles,

I am not sure about you but Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I adore Autumn in SW France.

It is as if the hands on the clock move at a slower pace,  giving us the time to admire nature at her best.

The days are still hot here but the mornings are cool and the evenings are drawing in so perfect for dinner by candle light.

We are looking forward to a fabulous Autumn and for those of you in the same part of the world, hope that it is fabulous one for you....

amicalement, Leeann  


  1. Autumn is beautiful but so sad….as the outcome is grueling dreary New York winters

  2. Your photo is beautiful but here in the Deep South of the US autumn is still a way away, at least for the fall colors. However because it is not so humid and hot, the days are so enjoyable. Alors comme vous je dis bienvenue à l’automne!

  3. Beautiful pictures, living in Southern Greece I don't get to see things like this.
    I have the sea though!


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