Upholstery lesson 3 - a new project

Bonjour mes belles,

Ours was another busy weekend and it was over before we knew it.

I managed to get some treasure hunting in yesterday and we found a few fabulous items which I have not had time to photograph.

Reason being I spent this morning having another upholstery lesson with the fabulous Debra, starting work on a chair that I found yesterday morning.

It needed more stuffing so it has been restuffed, lined and covered in antique chanvre type material and edged with some vintage passmenterie in a lovely cream colour which matches the colour of the fabric.

The material and lining were tacked on and I am slowly getting to grips with using a hammer, the last time I used one was when I was 13 years old in a wood working class which was quite some time ago.....

At next week's lesson I will be adding some additional stuffing to the top part of the chair and then lining and covering then finishing it with some more lovely edging.

Love the detail on the chair.....

The top part of the chair is what the bottom part looked like before I recovered it, I have never seen a chair undressed before  and now appreciate the work that goes into making a chair.

I cannot wait until my next lesson.......

Back tomorrow with some photos of the goodies that I found yesterday.

à demain, Leeann x


  1. Hi Leeann!
    Yes it is me rising from the ashes....... Your chair is greatt! I can tell she is a very good upholsterer with the tightness and the detail. It is worth the extra effort to get the padding right it is gorgeous!!!!!!! xoxox Maryanne

  2. What a beautiful chair. When we bought our house a year ago it came with an old chair that I have been meaning to repair. Suddenly feel very inspired...thank-you!


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