word of the day "parapluie"

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Bonjour from a rainy SW France,

It is one of those days where you are best staying indoors. We have had a run on umbrellas this morning as all guests have departing with umbrellas hence my first task this morning was to find some wind proof, attractive looking umbrellas or as they are called in French parapluies.

I managed to find two in the Bordeaux colour that you see above, this is the same colour of as the  shutters at Maison No. 20 and  2 normal looking black umbrellas.

I was searching for a fabulous photo of umbrellas in France and stumbled across this image.  It is the wonder of the internet, you start looking for one thing when hey, presto you take a detour which may lead anywhere.....one day I was supposed to be ordering a DVD and entered up in a fabulous clothes shop, needless to say French Boyfriend was not amused. No DVD and more clothes, told him that it is a "girl thing".

Todays diversion was a worthwhile one as I have discovered a fabulous company that give tours of Paris in 2CV"s.

The name of the company is called 4 roués sous 1 parapluie which translates to 4 wheels under 1 umbrella, hence how I came to find this site in the first place.....

So if you are heading to Paris and feel like taking a tour with a difference, this maybe just what you are looking for.
You will find the site here.
amicalement from a cosy chez moi, Leeann x


  1. I have always loved the word Parapluie.
    It rolls off the tongue, it is a perfect word.
    I am happy to say that I have no need for a parapluie today.
    besitos, C


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