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Bonjour mes belles,

Yesterday morning I woke up with ear ache and a stuffy nose and sore throat. Not a good start to the day and by lunch time the ear ache appeared to be getting worse. I tried a hot cloth but the ache persisted so after trying some self diagnosis on the internet, dangerous as you end up thinking you have all kinds of things, I decided a visit to the doctor maybe required.

Managed to get an emergency appointment for 19h. 

The conversation with the doctor went something like this, tell me all about it.....I replied that I have ear ache and a sore throat.

I sat on the bed and the doctor then disappeared. It appeared that he had lost his instrument for checking inside the ear....not a good start.

After a few minutes he returned with ear thingy and said one ear was okay and one was infected.

He then phoned the pharmacy and asked them to stay open until we got there as it was closing time for the pharmacy.

When he has finished the call he asked me how to pronounce my name, so charming with it, I almost forgot while I was there in the first place. He then pronounced my name correctly and said it was a shame that he did not see me more often.....twice in 6 years is enough for me.

I replied that I preferred that I did not have to see him often......he smiled and said that he understood.

My doctor is a cousin of one of French Boyfriend's best friends in the village. It is times such as this that I appreciate living in a small village, such a nice feeling and the service is so much more personal.

After a what appears like a cocktail of products from the pharmacy, the earache is gone, nose is a bit clearer and I am loving the cough medicine which is made from extracts from various plants.

We take good health for granted until we are sick.....thank heavens for the miracle of modern medicine and French doctors.

à demain, Leeann x 


  1. Wishing you a speedy, and full recovery enjoyed your comments on charming Frenchmen...I do relate!!

  2. Wow, the doctor goes to the pharmacy with you? And the pharmacist stays open for you? Amazing. Lucky you!


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