Easter is in the air...

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Bonjour mes belles,

Yesterday, I  glanced at the calendar and realised that it was Easter this week and thought that I had better get into Easter mode.

I rummaged around in the cupboards and managed to find all the ingredients that I needed to make these....

It was the first time that French Boyfriend has tried hot cross buns and only the third time that I have made them in my life, so I am happy with the result. I used a plastic freezer bag to pipe the crosses and now realise that I should have cut the corner closer to the edge which would have resulted in thinner crosses.

I used flour and water to make the crosses but I have another recipe that uses pastry for the crosses so plan to try this out later this week.

He was not sure at first but after his second this morning, he likes them as they are less sticky today.....

I now need to plan a menu for Sunday lunch, last year we had lamb but I feel like a change this year.

 Hence I am looking for inspiration, what are you having for Eater lunch this year? Dites-moi.....

Leeann x


  1. Hi Leeann, we must be on the same track as I was looking at hot cross bun recipes over the weekend never having made them myself. Hope all is well, say hello to FBF. Still working out our Easter plans but ham was our tradition growing up. Lisa xo

  2. Leeann, your hot cross buns look perfect to me and I love the bunny image!

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