Mirror, Mirror...

Bonjour from a very sunny SW France,

Yesterday we went and picked up this fabulous mirror from very large house in the country.It is large and would look stunning when hung above a firerplace or simply hung on a wall. 

A friend came into the boutique this morning and said how could I sell an item like this? Unfortunately I can not keep all the lovely items that we find and my garage is full with items that I have bought with a view of using them later.....hence I am looking for a loving home for one fabulous and very French Mirror.

Speaking of the shop, it smells lovely at present as I have had a lot of new candles delivered this morning, all of which smell lovely. The new fragrances include Vanilla and White Ginger, Grapefruit and Green tea, Gerannium and Rose Petal and a new favourite  of mine; Fig and Wild Pear.

I love the packaging as the lettering on the tins has a vintage feel to it.
Also back in stock are best sellers Antique Rose and Linen and White Pepper. Back to the unpacking of stock I must go,
 à demain Leeann x


  1. My husband and I bought a similar mirror at an auction in NY.
    We were so excited about bidding and "winning" the thing, that we did not give any thought to how to get it home !
    We had to hire someone lol .. that mirror has gone from NY to Fl to Or to Argentina and now resides back in NY in my living room.
    It is over 5 feet tall and about 4 feet wide so it is a chore moving that thing around !! But I love it. It has a history of its own .. I like that , aside from the beauty of it.

  2. A fabulous mirror Leeann! I wish that I had a spot for it!

    2014 Artists Series

  3. What are the dimensions and how much is it?


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