new dining room...

Bonjour mes belles,

Hope that you all had a nice weekend and that those of you in the US affected by the very cold spell, are staying cosy and safe.

Yesterday was spent moving stock out of my wee boutique into our new shop and the end result is that we now have a dining room. last night we christened our new dining space by inviting friends over for dinner and to say that it all came together at the last minute was an understatement. I was up a ladder painting in the new shop at 6pm and 10 minutes later was piling cartons of stock out of the "would be" dining room into the car.

Fast forward 50 minutes later to a much different scene, table laid, music playing and nice cold bottle of champagne awaiting our arrival.

I am still looking for some a dresser and a small desk but plan to take my time looking for these items until I find exactly what I am looking for.

So in a nutshell that is how I spent my Sunday, how did you spend yours? Dites moi....

amicalement, Leeann x


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