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Bonjour mes belles,

The days appear to be disappearing vite and I still have what seems like a million and one things to do....

Yesterday we went shopping and I thought that French Boyfriend would buy me a lovely wreath from the local florist, to hang on our front door, but no, he bought me the base in which to create a wreath so I need to go a wandering in the forest and find me some lovely branches and ivy.....you may recall that a couple of years I took wreath making classes so I have a feeling I will need to refer to the notes that I made back then.

This year ours is natural Christmas so the image that I have posted today is very inspiring and I love the tray piled high with moss and the bulbs look stunning......

 a hunting and wandering I must go, Leeann x


  1. I really love the framing on that mantle. It gave me a wonderful Idea for above my fireplace. Thanks!

    cardinham | Killigrew

  2. Beautiful, I love the tray with the bulbs.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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