Trip to the Loire - Part 1

Bonjour à tous,

I have decided to break the trip into parts due to the volume of photos.......

We stayed in a fabulous property that came complete with it's own chapel.

Petit déjeuner was served in the most stunning dining room where we were surrounded in gorgeous antiques....

We woke up early as we wanted to get to Chateau Chenonceau before the buses loaded with tourists arrived....

This proved to be a good strategy as you can see from the photo above. 

Chateau Chenonceau is the 2nd most visited Chateau in France after Versailles and for me was my favourite of all the chateaux that we visiting during our stay in the Loire Valley. We even made a 2nd visit the last night of our stay to discover the chateau at night which I will share with you later in the week.

The gardens that surround the chateau are stunning and we enjoyed strolling around the gardens as much as we enjoyed visiting the interior of the fabulous chateau.

 I am now going to let the photos do the talking......

I hope that you enjoyed the first of the photos, part 2 will continue tomorrow. For those of you interested in learning about Chateau Chenonceau you will find their website here.

à demain from a very sunny SW France, Leeann x


  1. Great pictures, I love seeing stuff like this! Thanks for sharing!

    -Brittany Ruth

  2. Merci beaucoup for taking me on a trip down memory lane! And your photos are are Guy's of you!

  3. The architecture of Chateau Chenonceau is amazing! Love the copper pots and pans in the kitchen as I'm crazy about copper. The property where you stayed is beautiful as well. Can't wait to see more!

  4. As a young teenager I visited all "les chateaux de la Loire" and loved every minute of the trip! Your post is bringing back fond memories! Merci!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful! I will be going to the Loire region next september and I am so looking forward to it.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Monika

  6. What a charming hotel! We enjoyed a holiday in the Loire valley several years ago and Chenonceau was my favourite château - a true fairy tale castle.

  7. How wonderful ....I adore this historically important chateau.
    It must be stunning at night Leeann! Thank you!

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  8. Oh I love this post on Chenonceau - I've yet to visit but I've read all the history surrounding it and the influence of Catherine de Medici.

    My fave Chateau I've visited in France so far is Château Vaux le Vicomte - I've seen it twice now and will go back again!
    It is the largest privately owned chateau in France and has a wonderful history.

    Spring is here in Auckland though the wind is a little icy still!
    Shane x

  9. Where did you stay in the Loire?

  10. Bonjour Denise we stayed at the Prieure de la chaise which we highly recommend as the owner is lovely as is the house and garden. A great base of exploring the area....



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