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I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. Here it was a lovely sunny weekend so we managed to get a lot done and yesterday we spent the morning hunting for treasure.

One of my favourite finds was the antique cake server that you see in the photo above.

It comes complete with fabulous box which is very decorative in itself.....

The handle is made from sterling silver and the serving part is made from metal. It is beautifully accented on the front of the serving part with Acanthus Leaf design

 The handle is exquisitely done in the Rococo style. Beautiful Scrolls and Swirls with Lattice design accents can be seen.

From the same antique dealer came this antique silver and vermeil sauce/gravy server. These are rare to find and it is even rarer to find one in it's original box.

Both these pieces are stunning and I think that make for lovely and unusual gifts. 

Next up is a vintage style key cabinet which is perfect if you want something that is petite and does not take a great deal of space.

There is space for three sets of keys.

Close up of the print on the front of the cabinet, it is adorable.

Another of the weekend's treasures is this beautiful antique late 1800's French Lourdes Rosary.

Large Priests style rosary traditionally worn on the journey home around the waist or girdle by pilgrims and hung on the walls or doors of the practising home.

An usual find was this elaborate antique lace hair ornament which came complete with postcard showing how it could have been worn.

I loved it the minute that I saw it but thought that it would be expensive so did not stop to ask the price.

The second time that I passed the stand it was gone and I was  sad not to see it there.

French Boyfriend arrived on the scene and started talking to the seller who turned out to be an old friend of his family. The seller then turned to get an item to place on the table in front of us, to my delight it turned out to be the lovely lace object. End result I am the proud owner of this lovely and unusual item.

I am now on the hunt for an antique stand to display it on.....

Other finds were an antique moroccan pouf which is perfect for our moroccan section in our new shop, a lovely chandelier which needs cleaning and an adorable lamp which also needs cleaning.

You have guessed what the next task is on my list of things to do.....cleaning or as it is called in French "nettoyage".

Je vous souhaite un bon début de semaine et un tout tout doux Lundi ♥ ♥ Leeann x


  1. Leeann, gorgeous finds and how fortunate that your friend knows the owner of this shop of treasures!

    Art by Karena

  2. Leeann, I just love the sauce server and cake slice...I will keep an eye for their debut appearance in the shop!

  3. I like the cake server and soup however the box is my favorite, I like old vintage and beautiful old boxes
    another collection of mine


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