it is chilly here...

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Bonjour mes belles,

It is wet and cold here today which is not very motivating for me as most of  the items on my "to do list" are best done when it is warmer. 

Most tasks involve painting which rerquires warmth. We started painting the walls of our new project a couple of weeks ago and were not impressed when returned a week later to find that the paint had run in places and in others was still damp. 
It was only then that we noticed the words on the tin " do not use in temperatures less  than 5 degrees".

So what is a girl to do when it is rainy outside.......ironing, house work etc or perhaps a wee bit of shopping on the internet? 

You can guess the rest......the ironing and housework have yet to be attended to, but I have bought another fabulous faux fur throw.

Let's just say that the one that I bought is being made good use of and French Boyfriend is complaining that he has cold knees when working at his desk so I thought that a fur throw may come in handy. Also think that it would look fabulous displayed on a louis style chair in the window of our new "project".

....à demain, Leeann x


  1. It is cold here too. While out feeding the animals on the farm, I looked about at all the leaves and garden beds needing cleaning. I need to organize closets, drawers, pantries... I think maybe all I'll get accomplished today is watching Downton Abbey and reading magazines. I feel guilty watching and reading during daylight.


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