like a moth to the flame.....

Bonjour mes belles,

What I am about to tell you must stay between you and I.

By day I am a lover of all things neutral and chez moi reflects this. For some reason by night,  as if my magic I am drawn like a moth to the flame, to all items that twinkle in the darkness hence I am loving my new fairy lights,each of which is covered in the most fabulous etched glass.

I bought them to decorate my hall with but they have magically installed themselves in my bedroom and I adore them.....think bollywood meets France!

To me, they are fabulous and add a touch of colour and warmth to a chilly evening in SW France....

....Bon week-end à tous, Leeann x


  1. Just adorable - I too love fairy lights of all kinds & just everything Christmas but with a unique decor. I particularly love tiny white fairy lights just hung every where like stars. Thank you for sharing !

    Jenny @ French A La Beach &
    La Maison Belle Homewares

  2. Love the colorful glow. It's magical!

  3. They look like fireflies!



  4. Just adore fairy've inspired me to put mine up.

  5. Your post about the fairy lights was so inspiring. Next week it is, light up :-)


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