Arrived today....

Another shipment of these lovely Bollywood Christmas decorations arrived today. I adore them and like to think that by purchasing them I am giving something back to the lovely people of India who I grew an affinity for, when I spent a year living in India.

Bollywood Christmas is a company run by  a lovely English girl called Jo who set the company up in 2005 and works with family run suppliers who strive to produce decorations of the highest quality but at affordable prices.

Everything is hand made and the production provides employment for traditional artisans in Kashmir, Rajasthan and Delhi. The majority of the designs are exclusive to Bollywood Christmas. 

Last year we stocked a range of the hand painted decorations like the one that you see here..... 

and this year we have extended the range that we stock to include the lovely and luxurious decorations that you see in the first photo and in the photos below......

they really are gorgeous and you do not need a lot of them to make an impact.....

To see more of the Bollywood Christmas range of decorations please click here.
.....amicalement, Leeann x 


  1. What a gorgeous Christmas decor you have posted in here. Love it! Will gonna make my Christmas Tree this coming weekend in my philippines property. :)


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