A fabulous idea.....

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Last week I sold the chandelier that was hanging in the centre of my wee boutique, complete with fabulous lamp shades that took me months to find.

I now have hung another chandelier in it's place but think that it would look better with lamp shades and I am on a mission to find some but it is proving most difficult to find some that a) I like the look of and b) are the correct size, as most that I have found are larger that I need.

Hence when I saw this photo, I thought that it maybe the solution to my problem......I love it.

bon dimanche à tous, Leeann 


  1. Agree Leeann...it is a great chandelier and I imagine it would be a lot of fun designing the lamp shades as well...all sorts of possibilities.

    Jeanne xx

  2. I agree - it looks very original, quite beautiful and I've thought up a name a 'Harlequin' chandelier - what do you think? Would it catch on?

  3. WEll those adorable hats are the cutest addition to a chandelier that I've ever seen!


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