Weekend finds....

I have been "told off" for not talking about the treasures that I find at the weekend so I am attempting to put things right in today's post......

Yesterday was a fabulous day for treasure hunting; cool first thing but by 11am it was warm aand oh so sunny. The vide grenier that we went to yesterday took place in a village situated on a canal and it was picturisque but we arrived later than we would have liked.

That said I still managed to find a few nice objects including this fabulous cross and benetier which is in immaculate condition.

Here is a close up of the detail on the benetier......

Next find was  this adorable candelabra which would look great on your dare I say it! Christmas table.

Next I found this gorgeous set which was given to small boys of their first communion, it comes complete with original box which has paper lace detail around it.

I am writing this quickly as I am almost out of time as I have to dash off to a meeting, another find was this gorgeous antique print....

I also found a stunning antique tole lamp but will take a photo of it and show you tomorrow.

Last but not least, was this fabulous vintage butterfly collection with butterflies in perfect condition.

I have fly out the door but will update the online shop tomorrow first thing.

à demain mes belles, Leeann x


  1. I love your finds but especially the beautiful cross ; burgundy is one of my favourite colours and I have never seen one with a bénitier before. Well done !

  2. Wow, Leeann, you hit the jackpot. Lvoe teh cross and the communion set.

  3. Dearest Leeann,
    Before you are dashing out the door, you did manage to show us quite some special treasures. The Benetier is gorgeous and so is the special lace lined box with First Communion garb. It looks like a sash of some sort... Do you have any idea how it was used and when?
    Hugs to you,

  4. Beautiful! On our first visit to Paris we returned with a pair of candelabras like you showed us…they sold within the hour of unloading the container….wish I'd had 100 of them! So pretty! Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  5. Hi Leeann,

    Always enjoy seeing what you came home with, from the vide grenier.
    Love the pretty butterflies and the sweet communion set, that looks exquisite.

    Happy week

  6. Bonjour Mariette,

    It really is a beautiful item - so rare to get everything together. in a display box containing the souvenirs of a very important occasion in a young French boy's life - his first communion.

    There is a large embroidered silk taffeta bow which would have been pinned to his upper arm on his little suit jacket, a white silk cumberband and a little white bow tie.

    I just love the way that little girls didn't have it all their own way - the boy's could celebrate in style and wear something extra special too...

    Leeann x

  7. Bon jour All..visiting Paris is one of my dream


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