Look what I found...

6am in the morning and 8 degrees....colder than normal hence most of the sellers were wrapped in blankets.
Was it worth getting up early? I think you already know the answer as one of the first objects I found was this stunning Napoleon III style clock which I plan to place on my mantle in my boutique.
I love the details and the contrast of the gold aginst the almost transparent marble....
Think that she ties in well with my Christmas theme this year....all that glitters..
Other tresors include a fabulous old French quilt in fabulous condition, gold rocaille style candelabra and a set of 12 immaculate monogrammed napkins.
I am hoping to spend this week updating the shop as I have a lot of new items that I have yet to photograph and place online.
Bonne semaine à tous, Leeann x


  1. Leeann-
    This is So gorgeous! Great finds for you.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Dearest Leeann,

    Guess you found yourself a great piece with ormulo and in perfect condition! Enjoy this in your boutique.
    Stay warm though, can't imagine such crisp temperatures yet... it is still very warm here in our part of the south east of the USA.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh, it's perfect! Absolutely worth it!

  4. wow! that would definitely fit in a christmas theme

  5. Lovely Christmas theme and gorgeous detail in these finds....sounds fun sourcing and updating your shop!
    Have a great day...Carla x

  6. Fabulous find the clock

    so French something Marie Antoinette would have had in one of her charming homes


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