almost time for the vendange...

I adore the month of September here in SW France as the mornings are cool and the afternoons hot and sunny. It gets darker earlier and feels cosy as if I need an excuse to light candles.....our house is full of candles and I love the soft  light that they give off.

It is harvest time as you can see from my photos.....the grapes are ripe and ready for picking and within thenext week or so the roads willbe busy with trucks transporting lots of lovely grapes ready for making the wine, that this area is so famous for.

Grapes basking in the  September sunshine

It is like a sea of grapevines with rows and rows of well maintained grape vines, love the lushness of the green against the colour of the earth........

Mother nature is certainly an expert when it comes to colours, each in perfect harmony with the vie est vraiment belle en France but lets keep this a secret entre nous.

a demain mes belles, Leeann x


  1. Bonjour Leeann,

    Looks like a fabulous time of the year there, with the grapes ripe.
    Will think of you sipping a nice glass of wine.

    Happy week


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