repurposed doorstop ...

She started life as a Chenet de Cheminée or fire dog as they are called in English.

I think that she makes a fabulous door stop and a very practical one as she is heavy, to say the least.

She came with 2 friends....a rather handsome looking fellow...

and a very pretty woman...

They also would make fabulous lamps as you can see from the photo below...

Love the lamps and think that they look extra special with the lamp shades made from vintage monogrammed napkins.....repurposing at it's best.

You could also use them as i am wishing that I had a few more!

amities from a still very HOT SW France, Leeann x


  1. Lamp shades made with vintage monogrammed napkins? Did you make these? I am impressed. I do love these pretty door stops, especially the first lady. Btw, I just wrote a story about antique shopping you might enjoy. Swing by when you get a chance. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Excellent idea, I'll keep my eyes open for these ! The weather is cooling down up here, thank God !


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