I have lots and lots of Burlap Sacks....


Hope that you all had a good weekend. Ours was another busy one and yesterday was a long and wet day for us........let's just say we forgot to pack the umbrella before we set off on our journey.

We drove over 400 kms, got wet through but returned with a boot load full of fabulous burlap sacks; some of the designs I have never seen before in France.

One of my favourites is the one that you see pictured above, I think that the  lady and the washing machine is adorable and it would look great framed and hanging in a laundry room.
Note we only have one of these available.

This one is French Boyfriend's favourite as it has an industrial feel to it which he likes, there are 3 of this particular design only.

There are two of the "Poitiers" sacks available and I think that these would be great when used to cover Louis Style Chairs or framed and hanging in the kitchen.

This is another "one only" and she really is a beauty....love the silhouette in red.

We have lots of beautiful stork sacks and although they all have the same theme, some of the emblems feature light or dark blue and the stork differs in design as you can see from the following photos...  

As you can see from the three photos, there are slight differences in the style/colours used on the body of the stork.

I will try and update the shop later but if I run out of time tonight as I need to get dinner on the go, it will be first thing tomorrow morning.

 à demain mes belles, Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,

    Never mind getting wet for bringing home such a treasure on burlap bags! Love the one with the washing machine most, like you said!
    Enjoy your week et bon appétit,

  2. Wow. I so envy you Leeann. Burlap sack will be a great material for french chair upholstery.

    Julie x

  3. Hi - I love your Burlap bags - I am working alot with hessian now - I really enjoyed your blog; especially French Food Friday - must try making the Scented Madeleines - YUM - please feel free to visit me @ my blog sometime. Merci !!


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