I collect these.....

I have an ever growing collection of perfume bottles includes a few Chanel No. 5 bottles along with a few others......

I keep them in this ex gun cabinet in apartment un which I have painted with annie sloan paint and covered the shelves with wall paper.....a much better use, I think but I am not sure that the local chasseurs would agree with me.

What do you collect and where do you keep your collections?

Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,

    That is a very nice collection, with some original Baccarat perfume bottles too.
    Your display is a secure and clever one at your lovely 'apartment un'. No better place!
    As for me, I do collect silver pill boxes with roses and angels and also vintage Lampe Berger and precursors of the Lampe Berger like the 'Lampe de l'ozonateur systeme Roubleff'.
    Some Lampe Berger I keep in white lacquered IKEA cabinets that are just the perfect size.
    Others are throughout our home and in our 'Rose Suite' for guests that stay with us. Not paid guests though...
    Hugs to you,

  2. Anything and everything, my blog can attest to that. In fact, this morning, I was out collecting butterfly wings that appear daily under a night time security light at the barn. I think the butterflies and moths come to the light at night and the barn cats catch them and eat the little bodies.

  3. French style are one of the best interior designs. It is expressive, intricate and artistic.

  4. Your collection looks lovely and what a great transformation of a gun cabinet! X

  5. Hi Leeann,

    Love your feminine use of "gun cabinet"! Great idea.
    Other than Chanel 5 bottles (empty or full !) that like you I also collect, I collect Hermes scarves...Silk scarves are my passion. The wonderful thing is that I can wear one everyday -in a different way of course- :-)))

  6. I adore your collections and how you display them...I think your gun cabinet has a much softer look with a coat of Annie Sloan paint, the wallpaper and of course the gorgeous collection. I was at a flea market a few weeks ago and saw a few bottles of Chanel...I kept walking without even inquiring about the price...thinking I'm going to regret this...

  7. i love you collection and how you display them, its the kind of collection i aspire too.

    I collect perfume bottles too, any bottles that look a bit pretty. they decorate my dressing table right now


  8. I too collect perfume bottles beside a lot of other things :)
    My latest collecting addiction is old French Pillivuyt rabbit and game terrines. I cannot stop searching for them and buying if the price is right. They are so wonderfully made and I admire them every minute while cooking or doing dishes in the kitchen. The only problem is, I still have to find a proper display area for them :)
    Have a nice new week,

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