Bonjour from a sunny SW France,

It is the perfect weather for washing and that is exactly what I am doing today.

Fortunately we have a washing machine as I cannot begin to imagine life without one and the thought of having to carry all the washing down to the river for washing, makes me tired just thinking about it.

Just think 100 years ago that is what the local women had to do, haven't we come a long way in a relatively short time.....

bon courage à tous, Leeann x


  1. Dearest Leeann,

    The change in even 50 years has been enormous. But going down to the river for washing would be quite a struggle. We are all spoiled. Just finished ironing my bed linens as they came out of my Miele Washer and Miele Dryer. On the setting hand iron, makes it so fast and easy to iron. Job done! Piece of cake compared with 100 years ago...
    Love to you,

  2. Yes, that really wasn't that long ago but I couldn't imagine not having one. I love my washing machine!

  3. I love your black and white photos.. a great vintage feel!


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