reorganising my bedroom....

It all started yesterday when I looked for a favourite necklace and ended up spending clos to an hour untangling the multitude of necklaces that had become tangled in my jewellery box.

In the process I discovered a few necklaces that I had forgotten about......

I decided that something had to be done, so visited a lovely shop I know aka mine and took one of these heart shaped holders and placed it on the wall.

Result a tidier jewellery box and a nice display of necklaces hanging on the wall which made choosing one this morning much easier.

I am in the mood to tidy, so any tidying tips would be appreciated.....

Amicalement from a hot and getting hotter SW France,
Leeann x


  1. This is a fabulous way to display necklaces. my drawers are filled with necklaces and bracelets. i even bought an antique mannequin to hang my jewelry to realize it is a man's one. I really must find a solution to display my antique ethnic jewelry. my sons just returned from 2 weeks in France in Arcachon...not one sunny day and quite cold. glad to see that the sun is finally making an appearance. her in connecticut and new York, we are living in a furnace...the sun is so hot!

  2. How bizarre! I bought one of these just last week and did the same. It is SO easy now and looks great too. great minds!!

  3. Lovely way to see all my pieces, as I tend to wear the same one. Only problem, I have a number of sterling silver necklaces - any suggestions on how to keep them from tarnishing?

  4. Amazing!!! you have done a great job its looking supper i really like it....
    Ethnic jewelry


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